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One of the best quality plum varieties that has multiple uses and is suitable for any type of processing and also is delicious for consumption. The fruit is 32 – 40 mm in size. It is harvested in early August through late August. The annual production is about 400 tons.

Čačanska rana

It was created by crossing the varieties of Wangenheims Frühzwetsche and Požegača. The harvesting period is late June to early July depending on weather conditions. The average annual quantities are 60 tons.

Čačanska lepotica

The fruit is medium in caliber 32-38 mm. The harvesting period runs from July 15 to July 25. A highly sought after variety in the German area. The average annual quantities are 400 tons.

Čačanska najbolja

It is harvested at the end of July. It can stay in the fridge for a long time. But there is one flaw due to the size of the fruit that often hits the shoot of the fruit bone. The average annual quantities are 60 tons.


The „Prezident“  variety is harvested from early September to mid-September. The fruits are larger 35-43 mm and reddish in color. The “President” is of English origin. The average annual quantities are 20 tons.

Grosse Felicija

Plum size is about 60 grams on average. It is mostly used as a table variety, but also for brandy. The bone separates from the meat quite nicely. It can be harvested in the second half of August.